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HIGHWORK Guaranteed Safety

Nadzór prac na wysokości

Supervision of work at height

Thanks to years of experience in rope access works and OHS around the world as well as specialized training courses in this field, HIGHWORK offers you a full range of services related to supervision over rope access works. Our team has all the necessary powers to work offshore and on land.


Preparation of risk assessment


Direct supervision of work


Selection and inspection of PPE


Preparation of the rescue plan


Occupational health and safety training in the field of work at height

Przegląd ŚOI

PPE inspection

According to the rules in force, every employer is obliged to provide his employees with free personal protection equipment and to inform them how to use them. He is also obliged to perform PPE inspection at least once every 6/12 months. The periodic inspection of PPE shall be done by the person holding the appropriate authorization. The guidelines related to PPE inspection are contained in the PN-EN 365 standard.

HighWork offers its Clients PPE inspections. The cost of each inspection is valued individually.




Know us better and start your cooperation with us:

Know us better and start your cooperation with us:


Our company means professionalism and guaranteed safety at every stage of order realization. The equipment and techniques we use in our work are in line with all the applicable standards of work.

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