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Work at height

Training for work at height using construction access technique – HAS training

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For whom

The training is aimed at those who are exposed to falling from the height while doing their work and moving around the construction elements (trusses, masts, lifts, scaffolds, etc.). Training may be particularly useful for people working in sectors such as mobile telephony, high storage warehouse, power industry, water and sewage management, etc.

Training program

  • Methods used for work at height
  • Fall Protection Equipment EN PN 363: 2008
  • Current regulations and standards for work at height
  • Rigging
  • Transport of tools and materials
  • Basic rope transport – rescue operations
  • Selection of PPE

Duration: 2 days preliminary training in work at height

Duration: 1 day periodic training in work at height

The price of the training covers:


Training materials


Certificate of completion of HAS training in the field of safe work at height in the form of on-site training. Valid one year from date of issue.


Training completion certificate. Valid 2 years from the date of issue.


Plastic ID card

Know us better and start your cooperation with us:

Know us better and start your cooperation with us:


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